Why You Should Rewire Your Home

Why You Should Rewire Your Home

If you’ve never thought about having your home rewired, you might wonder why you would want it done. Fortunately, there are many reasons why you should take rewiring your home seriously.

Electrical Fires

One of the best ways to reduce the chances of an electrical fire is to have the wiring updated. Poor insulation around the wires, faulty electrical boxes, and other effects that happen over time cause your chance of an electrical fire to go up each year.

Customizable Outlets

If you’ve ever struggled from a lack of outlets or lack of a specific outlet, rewiring your home will let you completely overhaul all your current outlets. Not just your electrical outlets either. Ethernet, Cat cables, landlines, USB plugs, and all other manners of plugs can be put into your home for easy access anywhere.

Older houses may still have two-pronged electrical outlets, making it challenging to find appliances that work. Not only is it difficult to find appliances, but the three-pronged electrical plug is also significantly safer than its two-pronged brother. This is because the third line is a ground, making higher volumes of electricity safer to pass through. If you remove the ground to make it a two-pronged plug, which is extremely dangerous, you significantly increase your chances of electrical malfunction and fires.

Reduce Malfunctions

If you’ve been struggling with power surges, breaker trips, and shortages, rewiring can help reduce them. Most of these result from much more significant problems in your electrical system that could increase your risk of fires or serious electrical damage.

If you have ever considered getting your home rewired, Contact us at Electrical Insight. We have years of electrical experience and tons of qualified licensed electricians who can help you plan any significant rewiring project.