The Dangers of Daisy Chaining Your Electricity

The Dangers of Daisy Chaining Your Electricity

We have nothing against weaving a crown of daisies to wear as you frolic through a summertime meadow—in the world of electricity, daisy-chaining refers to something a little less whimsical. Daisy-chaining is when you plug a power strip or extension cord into another power strip or extension cord, often in a series of three or more such devices. This frequently happens in older homes or offices where there are not enough outlets for the space. This can be dangerous to both your safety and your high value electrical equipment. With our increased dependence on technology, it is important to use consistent, safe electricity sources, and long series of cords and power strips just don’t cut it.

Why Daisy Chaining Is Dangerous

Power strips and extension cords are great tools for getting the most out of our electrical outlets. Today, you can buy high-end power strips that support a half dozen or more devices at once and include surge protection circuits so you can’t overload them even if you try. Extension cords, meanwhile, are perfectly safe for short-term use or running electricity to one or two low-wattage devices in an inconvenient location. It’s when you start to chain together multiple extension cords or cheaper, unprotected power strips that you increase electrical resistance to the point that you create a safety hazard. For this reason, daisy chaining violates electrical safety codes and OSHA standards.

Exploring Your Options

If your power demands are not being met, daisy chaining is not the solution. Simple solutions include upgrading your power strips to models with more outlets (make sure you’re also buying the kind with GFI surge protection if you’ll be plugging in anything valuable). You can also purchase longer, higher quality extension cords instead of chaining together multiple units. Additionally, you might try rearranging your space for better access to existing outlets. If none of these options solve your problem, you may want to contact a qualified electrician and simply increase the number of outlets in your home or office.

We Can Help

Daisy chaining is never the correct solution for meeting your power needs. It is a dangerous fire hazard and a risk to your electronic devices. When your electrical needs are not being met, the professionals at Electrical Insight can help. We will analyze your space and collaborate with you to determine the best locations for new outlets to get your electricity up to modern standards. Contact us today to learn more!