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Have you ever considered the state of your home’s electrical system?

It’s an essential part of your daily life, yet it often gets overlooked until a problem arises. 

We are happy to introduce you to our comprehensive services designed specifically for residential customers.

At Electrical Insight, our skilled professionals are ready to provide you with services such as safety inspections, essential electrical panel updates, and a wide range of other enhancements designed to boost your home’s electrical system’s reliability and performance.

Electrical Safety Inspections for Your Home

A safety inspection is a thorough check-up of the electrical systems in your house, ensuring its adherence to the safety standards prescribed by the national code. 

It’s not just necessary; it’s important to the safety and well-being of those residing in your home.

Now you might be thinking, what’s included in this inspection? Good question! Let’s shed some light on this: 

  • Inspection of switchboards and meters: We ensure that your switchboards and meters operate effectively and safely, eliminating any possible fire risks or other inherent hazards.
  • Checking safety switches: Safety switches are life-saving devices that prevent electrical shock. We run necessary checks to make sure they’re in perfect working condition.
  • Testing smoke detectors: We check your smoke detectors to see whether they function correctly. If necessary, we provide expert advice on repair or replacement.
  • Evaluation of power points and lighting: Your power points and lights are inspected for safety and functionality. Any potential hazard will be identified and rectified.

Other safety considerations may arise depending on your home’s condition and electrical needs.

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New and Upgraded Electrical Panel Installation

Does your house still have an old-fashioned fuse-style panel? You might want to consider an upgrade. 

Updated electrical panels ensure the seamless operation of all your appliances by efficiently distributing electricity. Along with this, a panel upgrade eliminates the danger of electrical fires caused by overloaded circuits.

When buying a new home appliance, an upgraded electrical panel will easily accommodate the extra load. 

Not sure if you need to update your setup? Here are the signs it may be time:

  • Frequent breaker trips, which can be a sign of an overburdened system.
  • Flickering lights and unexplained power outages hint at potential panel inadequacy or wiring problems.
  • Fuse panel instead of breaker panel; fuses are outdated and can pose a safety risk.
  • A buzzing or humming sound coming from your panel.
  • Appliances cannot operate at full power, suggesting your system may struggle to meet demand.
  • The panel is hot, implying potential overloading or faulty wiring.
  • A persistent electrical burning smell from your panel could indicate a serious safety concern that requires immediate attention.

Electrical System Upgrades to Consider

Your house, no matter its age, can enormously benefit from modern advancements in electrical technology. The existing electrical setup might be putting a lot of stress on some outdated components, resulting in frequent tripping of circuit breakers, flickering lights, or unusually high electric bills.

These are good indicators that your electrical system might need some vital upgrades.

Here’s what these upgrades could potentially include. 

  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs is one of the easiest and most effective upgrades. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) or Light light-emitting diodes (LEDs) last longer and consume far less energy than traditional incandescent lamps. Not only can this reduce your electricity bills, but also minimizes the frequency of changing bulbs. 
  • Smart Home Automation: Smart home automation can provide unparalleled convenience while promoting energy efficiency. Automated technology allows you to remotely control lighting, HVAC units, and other appliances, saving energy and increasing lifespan. Coupled with energy-saving settings, these systems can significantly reduce energy consumption. 
  • Outdated Electrical Outlets: Electrical shocks can occur when receptacles with a two-prong design are not grounded. These need to be improved as soon as possible.
  • Surge Protection: A power surge can cause significant damage to home electrical appliances, which can occur more often than you realize. Whole-house surge protectors safeguard your home from power surges, extending the life of your appliances and electronics.

While some might seem like quick DIY projects, conducting them without proper knowledge can pose grave safety risks.

We’re just a call away to help you out. So, contact us today and get a detailed evaluation of the electrical health of your house to maximize safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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