Outdoor Lighting Every Homeowner Should Install

Outdoor Lighting Every Homeowner Should Install

Outdoor lighting can be very useful in providing curb appeal and offering homeowners better security with outdoor light sensors. There are many reasons to add landscape lighting to your property. Whether your goal is adding additional lighting along your flower beds or installing floodlights onto your property, there is a variety of beautiful and useful options for everyone.

Landscape Lighting

For pleasing curb appeal and visibility when walking to the entrance of your home, landscape lighting is a must. Adding spotlights near the foundation of your home can illuminate structural features, creating a grander appearance of your home in the evening. Additionally, spotlights installed along a gravel pathway in your backyard or along the sidewalk to your home can help with visibility.


Providing home security, floodlights can discourage and de-motivate intruders and burglars from entering your home. Traditional outdoor lights don’t last as long as floodlights either. The average lifespan of floodlights ranges from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. They are a cost-effective, eco-friendly option for homeowners as well. 

Step Lighting 

Step lighting can help prevent any tripping or falling on your outdoor steps. LED step lights are an appealing, practical option if you’re looking to improve the visibility of your outdoor staircase.

Patio String Lights

String lights can create a charming and cozy feeling to any outdoor space. Adding string lights above your deck can provide lighting for an evening dinner, or above a hammock to provide light while you relax after a hard day’s work. String lights add a whimsical appearance to any outdoor space as well as simultaneously providing adequate lighting for any outdoor activity.

It is important to keep in mind with the installation of any electrical equipment, to contact a certified electrician who can safely install your lighting. Electrical wiring is not a DIY project to attempt if you have no knowledge of electrical wiring. At Electrical Insight, we have a team of expert electricians who can execute the installation of all your landscape lighting needs.