Outdoor Electrical Outlet Maintenance: What to Know

Outdoor Electrical Outlet Maintenance: What to Know

Outdoor outlets may be a second thought, that is until you need one. Entertaining guests outdoors, using outdoor electrical cleaning equipment, and zapping bugs are easier with sound outdoor electricity. Nobody wants to run extension cords into their house.

There are key maintenance issues to consider when it comes to outdoor outlets. By confirming a few basic features or following a few installations, you can make outdoor life more convenient and enjoyable.

Outdoor Outlet Coverings Are Critical

Water and snow are damaging to outdoor outlets. Wind can exacerbate precipitation concerns. Weatherproof covers are important to ensuring your outlets maintain functionality while also avoiding the risk of shocks or fire.   

Ground Fault Electrical Interrupters

Safety is important when dealing with electricity, especially outdoors outlets. GFCIs keep outlets from ground path sparking into nearby conductors.

Don’t Let Scarcity Lead to Overloading Outlets

Extension cords serve an important purpose in some instances, but it’s easy to overdo it with outdoor outlets. Not only could you wind up overwhelming the outlet and tripping a breaker, an inconvenience for sure, but you could also start a fire in an extreme case.

A maze of extension cords running across a patio or yard is also a tripping hazard, especially for children.

If lighting is what you need electricity for, consult an electrician for internal wiring options. Never treat extension cords as a permanent option for outdoor electrical use.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Outdoor outlets may not be used all year long, but that doesn’t mean you can stop paying attention to them out of season. Watch for sparks, heat, or breaker trips associated with your outdoor outlets. This is even more important in the case of pool wiring, where the threat of electrocution is amplified.

What Can Electrical Insight Do for You

If you have questions about your outdoor electrical situation, don’t hesitate to call experts. Give Electrical Insight a call or a visit and get your outdoor electrical needs up to par.