Maintaining Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Maintaining Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Kitchen exhaust fans are typical in commercial kitchens, but can also be found in residential kitchens. If you have a kitchen exhaust fan, it is important to clean it regularly. Also known as range hoods, these fans are responsible for removing moisture and impurities from the kitchen space. If your system hasn’t been cleaned in some time, you could be affecting the air quality in your kitchen.

What Does a Kitchen Exhaust Do?

Exhaust fans have an important role to play in the kitchen, especially one that is used consistently, such as a popular restaurant. The kitchen exhaust clears the air of:

  • Grease – Removing grease helps to maintain a clean environment and reduce the risk of grease fires.
  • Heat – Any cook knows how quickly it can get uncomfortable in the kitchen during the hot summer months. Kitchen vents help to pull the hot air from the kitchen space, keeping those in the kitchen cooler.
  • Humidity – Without proper ventilation, humidity can condensate along walls, furniture, and equipment. This can lead to moisture damage as well as affect indoor air quality.

Maintaining Your Kitchen Exhaust 

It is beneficial to clean your kitchen exhaust regularly to maintain efficiency. To ensure safety, make sure everything is unplugged before starting any cleaning project. You should also consider putting down a drop cloth or sheets to prevent making an additional mess. You’ll want to start by removing any grease traps. Cleaning the grease traps can be a large project if not done regularly. This usually involves soaking the traps in hot water with a grease-cutting cleaner and using an abrasive brush to remove stuck-on grease.

Once your grease traps are out of the way, you can focus on the fan itself. You’ll want to take the time to carefully clean each part of the unit, including the fan blades, filters, and the interior and exterior of the hood. 

If you notice issues with your kitchen exhaust, turning to professionals can help. The professionals at Electrical Insight can answer any questions or concerns, as well as aid in repairs or replacements. Contact us today.