Lighting Trends To Watch In 2021

Lighting Trends To Watch In 2021

Though home improvements happen frequently as a homeowner, many people believe that to truly change a room, you have to spend a lot of money. On the contrary, small changes can make a huge difference in a home and might just be the refresh you’re looking for. One area that homeowners often overlook when redecorating is the lighting. Though you may not always notice your home’s lighting, in reality, it has a large impact on your home’s atmosphere.

Lighting Trends of 2021

Lighting should be updated at least every ten years. Not only do lighting styles change, but outdated fixtures could pose a fire hazard if they’re not inspected and updated. Here are some of the 2021 lighting trends to watch to inspire your home lighting refresh.

  • Artistic Fixtures. Lighting is becoming a more active part of home design, rather than just a passive accessory. As such, bold, artistic light fixtures are becoming very popular.
  • Multiple Light Sources. Having light come from several places in the room creates an atmospheric look that many people enjoy. While overhead lights are still fine, many people are opting for low-watt or low-light overheads and supplementing with wall sconces or lamps.
  • Pattern and texture. Though many people don’t think of lighting as the place to find patterns, it’s becoming a major selling point. Wicker lights are popular for this reason as well, as they add significant depth and texture to a room’s light source.
  • Metal updates. Swapping out gold and silver fixtures with rose gold, brass or copper immediately gives a room a refresh. Even if the style stays the same, the color has a significant impact.

Electrical Insight for Lighting Know-How

When making changes to your lighting, always be sure to call a professional. DIY light installation often goes terribly wrong, and it’s not worth your health and safety to do it yourself. The experienced team at Electrical Insight is highly trained and ready to help with any lighting project you may have. Contact us today.