How To Choose The Right Style of Ceiling Fan

How To Choose The Right Style of Ceiling Fan

There’s no denying that a ceiling fan can make or break the whole décor of a room in your home. When the style of the fan meshes with the style of the room, it brings together the perfect atmosphere for an Escondido family to live, work, and entertain in. However, when a ceiling fan looks out of place or broken down, it can detract from the style of the room. Finding the fan that is perfect for your home might take a little time, but it will be worth it when you are being cooled by that fan on a hot California day. Here are some ways to match a ceiling fan with a room style. 

Modern Style

A room is often referred to as modern if it has a sleek look with lots of open space. The emphasis on the modern room is on the purpose of the furniture and appliances themselves (in lieu of all the bells and whistles that can detract from the allure of a room instead of adding to it). A sleek ceiling fan fits perfectly into a modern room and is often preferred to be a solid color. Black, white, and silver are very popular modern colors. 

Rustic Style

A rustic room is often full of vintage and wooden furniture that reminds someone of life in a cabin in days gone by. A fireplace is right at home in a rustic room, and you may find many decorative objects adorned on wooden plank shelves. A wooden fan is the perfect fit. Some people may think that a ceiling fan must be large and old to fit into the rustic style, but the truth is that there are many modern fans that still have the right colors and finish to fit right in. 

Traditional Style

There’s nothing wrong with tradition! A traditional ceiling fan can mean many things, but generally it is a fan that looks like one you would picture in your grandparent’s house from when you were a kid. There are many ceiling fans that mimic this look but still function with all the efficiency of the latest models. 

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