How Do Ceiling Fans Work

How Do Ceiling Fans Work

Many people do not realize that ceiling fans can be an effective way to cool down while spending time inside and promote air circulation. These two things help keep indoor spaces comfortable for inhabitants and guests and remove stale air and impurities from your rooms. Keep reading to find out how to effectively use ceiling fans to elevate your indoor aesthetic while controlling the temperature safely and inexpensively.

How Ceiling Fans Create Circulation and Cool Air 

Ceiling fans, as they circulate, create a breeze that will refresh your face and skin during warmer temperatures. Although the room’s temperature does not technically change, it will feel several degrees cooler regardless. The air circulation itself creates an effective and enjoyable wind chill effect.

Depending on the time of year and the outdoor temperature, you may choose to have your ceiling fan circulate in a particular direction. During hotter months, your fan should circulate counterclockwise. This forces the warmer air to move downward to increase air circulation and give you and your family and friends a cool breeze. You will save money not having to operate your air conditioner constantly, as the fan will evaporate sweat from your skin and help you feel several degrees cooler.

During colder times, a clockwise direction is more effective at maintaining indoor temperature and comfort. The blades will push cooler air upwards, making inhabitants feel warmer even without changing the thermostat. You will save money on energy costs again because you can refrain from turning up the thermostat too high to warm up.

Electrical Insight for Your Ceiling Fan Options

If you are interested in installing new ceiling fans or have ceiling fans in need of maintenance, get in touch with Electrical Insight. We are dedicated to helping homeowners and their loved ones enjoy the comfort of their homes safely and inexpensively all year long. Contact us today for more information.