Evaluating the Useful Life of a Ceiling Fan

Evaluating the Useful Life of a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans provide significant benefits throughout your home when it comes to maximizing airflow at a relatively low electrical expense. Like any other home amenity, though, fans aren’t permanent. There are several things to consider when evaluating the useful life of a fan in your home.

Age of the Fan

In general, a ceiling fan isn’t meant to last for more than a decade if used regularly. It is a good practice to consider replacing or upgrading the ceiling fan prior to hitting the ten-year mark, particularly in warm climates where a fan may be left on throughout the day. You probably have regular checkups for your air conditioning system, or at least you should, and your fan deserves that attention, too, as it ages.

How Can I Evaluate the Fan’s Lifespan

If the fans are wobbling, don’t procrastinate to have the fan looked at. It’s possible the blades are simply imbalanced, but if the wobbling develops over several years of use, it could be a sign the structural integrity of the fan is degraded.

Squeaking noises, or worse, thumping noises, are an indicator of a fan that is failing. Your fan should run smooth and quiet if it is in good health.

Another noticeable issue is if your three-speed fan no longer noticeably increases or decreases in pace as you cycle through its settings.

Is a Fan Worth It?

Yes! There are numerous benefits to having fans in the main living areas of your home. Don’t let concerns about obsolescence keep you from installing or maintaining a fan.

If your house has aging ceiling fans, you may be able to improve energy efficiency or install a fan with a longer lifespan with a new unit.

What Can Electrical Insight Do for You

If you have questions about ceiling fan replacement or installing a new fan, don’t hesitate to call experts. Give Electrical Insight a call or a visit to explore your ceiling fan options.