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Your home is filled with pieces of equipment that keep things running smoothly. Many of these aspects of a home are relatively invisible, requiring little to no maintenance. This is not the case for your electrical panels. These machines are integral to your home’s safety and need to be treated with careful upkeep and respect.

What Does an Electrical Panel Do?

Electrical panels, also known as “fuse boxes,” act as a failsafe for electrical currents. By running wires through these panels, the currents can be shut down if a single wire or wire circuit has too much electricity running through it. This makes it harder for the wires to catch fire and ensures that your house is not at risk of burning when you use your electricity. Most of these circuits are built to handle about 120 watts of electricity, which is sufficient for most household lighting and small appliances. For items that use larger amounts of electricity, such as a refrigerator or electric stove, a double circuit is in place to handle upwards of 240 watts. Though circuits have replaced fuses in modern electrical panels, the term “fuse box” is often still used to describe the contraption.

Does My Electrical Panel Require Upkeep?

Definitely. Many modern homes have new electrical panels that use circuits rather than old-fashioned fuses. These circuits do not require replacing, so you are not stranded without extra fuses on hand. However, even though they do not require part replacement as often, they still need to be well kept to extend their life expectancy and to keep your family safe. The door to the electrical panel should remain closed when not in use to keep dust from getting into the board.

It’s also imperative to get your electrical box examined every 2-3 years by a professional electrician, who will be able to remove the face of the panel and inspect the circuits for loose connections, faulty wiring, and unsafe heat levels within your board. This professional will also be able to tell you if any part of your electrical panel needs updating. If you happen to live in an older home and the electrical box has not been updated from the fuse system, it is doubly important for you to seek out a professional. Traditional fuse boxes can be dangerous and lead to higher insurance rates and, ultimately, an increased risk of fire.

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