DIY Solutions to Ceiling Fan Issues

DIY Solutions to Ceiling Fan Issues

Ceiling fans can complement the rest of the room while keeping you cool. Sometimes, a fan will start acting up and won’t perform efficiently. We’ve compiled a few DIY fixes you can try on your ceiling fan that may help you resolve the problem.

Check for Loose Screws

A professional should fix fans that are wobbling considerably. However, a small amount of wobbling may not be much to worry about. That said, if your fan is wobbling or is noisy, the screws could be loose. Grab a sturdy ladder and check the screws on both the fan and blades. After tightening them all, check if the noise or wobbling remains. If so, have a professional determine the problem.

Change the Fan’s Direction

Your fan may be spinning, but if it’s not cooling you down, there’s one solution you can try. Most fans can change its direction, usually by pulling one of the strings. A ceiling fan expert can help you isolate the problem if reversing the trend is ineffective.

Check the Circuit Breaker

An electrician should always address electrical issues, but there may be one solution to your problem. If your fan doesn’t turn on, your circuit breaker may have tripped. This means you can check your breaker and give it a reset. This isn’t a guaranteed fix, but it’s worth trying if your fan won’t turn on.

Let Us Examine Your Problem

A qualified electrician can investigate your ceiling fan’s problems and find the root of the problem. Some issues can’t be resolved with DIY solutions, and we’d rather you come to us rather than put yourself in danger. Contact Electrical Insight today to learn how we can help.